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Testimonials: “Not only am I confident that Kinetibooks handles my affairs seamlessly, she often talks me down from the ledge when I’m in one of my financial panics. A quick chat with Barb and I feel the weight of the world off my shoulders. Barb’s mastery of numbers and business acumen has helped me develop from a struggling sole proprietor to a thriving incorporated business owner. Her ability to simplify the complexities of accounting has me navigating the world of business with clarity and serenity.”

Dr.Peter Wood, Woodway Acupuncture

Kinectic Books has done my income tax returns for a number of years now. They have been efficient and timely in the work I required.
Kineticbooks helped me catch up with a number of years of returns that I had failed to complete that had resulted in the CRA freezing my accounts. Barb was able to get the returns done and delivered to the CRA and my accounts released very quickly. I cannot say how appreciative I am for her assistance in this matter.
I would recommend Kinetibooks & Tax Solutions for any bookkeeping work that you might require.

Jack Vickery, Consultant, Vickery Consulting

“I’ve worked with Kineticbooks for over 10 years. I walked into this relationship with dread and confusion about all things books and money and now, because of her work, keeping my books and accounts clear and manageable are normal and I feel empowered and very grateful. Barb has only shown me a high level of integrity, in doing things on time, doing what she said she would, and always being in communication. She keeps up to date with new information and training, and through her in-depth knowledge and interest, she has saved me thousands. I would not want to imagine a life without having her in my court. Through her work, I have had great success not only with structuring, but with my own ability in an arena where I was faltering. I have referred friends and company owners to Barb over the years and they have all had great success in working with her.”

Diana Starr,RMT/owner/CEO

“I have been using the services of Kinetic books & Tax Solutions for just over 10 years. The service is impeccable and they make it look so easy. I really do not know what I would have done if I had not found them. They are outstanding, professional and have a great sense of humor. Thank you again for all the years of outstanding service!!”

Tara Rodriguez, McCleary Tech Inc

“I have known and worked with Kinetic Books for over 15 years. The work I have received is excellent, timely and accurate. Also affordable.I will keep using KineticsBooks for the foreseeable future. Thank you again and appreciate the extras you include.”

Priscilla Wilson, Exhibit Express

“As a long-standing client of KineticBooks for many years, I would highly recommend Barb and her team for accounting and bookkeeping services to any small business. They are smart, responsive, helpful, and a trusted partner and advisor. They walk me through financial options and solutions and manages my accounting and bookkeeping end-to-end, freeing me up to manage and grow my business. I trust them to advise and support me with my accounting and book-keeping, while proactively tracking my business financials and performance over time and helping me navigate all-things-tax.
KineticBooks provides great value-for-services, personalized solutions and support, and has always been there to support me as my business has evolved.”

Eloise Duncan, CMC, MA, Seymour Management Consulting Inc.

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