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Started your own business? Not sure how to proceed? Are you overwhelmed with the paperwork?
KineticBooks & Tax Solutions has a few Paperless solutions to help you out.

Book icon - Services2Bookkeeping

Proper bookkeeping is important to sustaining and expanding a business. Without it, you run the risk of hitting cash flow crunches, wasting money, and missing out on opportunities to expand.
We are here to streamline, maintain and revise your bookkeeping routine if necessary. Remember that the purpose of bookkeeping is to help you manage your business and to enable financial institution and/or tax agencies to evaluate your business activity. As long as your bookkeeping achieves both of these objectives, it can – and should – be as simple as possible.
Some bookkeeping functions are best relegated to an accountant. While it is essential to retain a thorough knowledge by reviewing your books frequently, an accountant or bookkeeper can free you up to concentrate on expanding your business. Even a bookkeeping task that takes only a few hours a week may be better relegated to someone else if that time can be better spent.

Computer icon - Services2QuickBooks® Setup

QuickBooks® : Although there are many versions of QuickBooks Software; we support and maintain Quickbooks Online – all versions. You could be sending the invoices within minutes, and you could have your company financial information updated, accurate and available at any time of the day or night, and definitely ready for review before you make any and all financial decisions.

Computer icon - Services2Sage 50Cloud Setup

We support Sage 50Cloud bookkeeping software for your business. We support and train you to use Sage 50Cloud. With built-in checks and balances it ensures your financials are accurate and your financial information is available anytime and anywhere.

Money Icon - Services2Payroll & Benefits

We can provide your business with complete payroll management. Our services include payroll calculation and processing, direct deposit, pay stub reporting, and transmitting withholdings to CRA. We prepare annual T4 reports, and ensure all required reports are filed timely in order to avoid penalty. We can manage all of your payroll records, including maintaining employee records, benefits, etc.

piggy bank icon - Services2Taxes

Let’s face it-taxes are stressful. But with our professionals on your side it does not have to be. Trained in personal and business taxes,we can take the burden off you. With clear language we can help you with deductions and refunds. We love supporting our local community, it’s small business and residents. You earned it-We help you keep it! 

Bookkeeping Services

Enter bills and invoices
Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
Accounts payable
GST and PST remittance
Financial Statements
Year end account preparation

Payroll Services

Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly, Monthly payroll
Bonuses, commissions and overtime
Payroll Tax reporting
Record of Employment
T4s and T4 Summary
WorksSafe BC

Personal & Corporate Tax

Incorporation set up
Corporate Tax planning
T5 issuing
Personal taxes

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