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Accurate and reliable bookkeeping for small- to medium-sized businesses!


Ask any of our clients and they will tell you the key to success is knowing the numbers.

We make bookkeeping for your business easy by taking care of your:

♦ Monthly or quarterly data entry

♦ Reconciling bank and credit card statements

♦ Issuing of client invoices

♦ Looking after your Accounts Receivable

♦ Accounts Payable – How much you we suppliers

♦ Filing government remittances

♦ Month-end review-making sure entries are correct

♦ Monthly preliminary financial reports

♦ Year-end report preparation for taxes or Accountant


Items needed for us to complete your books:

♦ Put paperwork in a folder (monthly or Quarterly)

♦ Include sales & client invoices

♦ Vendor invoices & receipts

♦ Expenses & asset purchases

♦ Original bank & credit card statements

♦ Government tax letters & statements

♦ Copies of your payroll or paystubs

♦ Office or In home office expenses


What Is The Hourly Rate For a Bookkeeper?

We believe that bookkeepers shouldn’t be paid per hour, but a flat fee based on the scope of work required. When you pay someone hourly they aren’t motivated to be quick and efficient, this can lead to delays and being slapped with a huge bill you didn’t expect. At KineticBooks & Tax Solutions we believe in flat rates so you always know what you are paying.

Can We Do Payroll?

Absolutley!  We are highly trained  in the aspects of payroll and benefits.  We can run your payroll bi-weekly or semi-monthly.  We will also produce your T4s at the end of the year.

How Do Bookkeepers Benefit Small Business?

The greatest benefit of a bookkeeper is to keep your financials organized so that you know how your business is doing. They record bank transactions and post debits (costs) and credits (income), from which they produce financial statements and other reports for management. Bookkeepers are also great at keeping you on top of your government filings.

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Who can you trust?  There are so many bookkeeping firms out there today. Our company beliefs are based on honesty and transparency. We have over 40 years experience in the financial industry and many happy customers. We hope that you become one of them.